E-Ducato, a new model from Fiat Professional

E-Ducato, a new model from Fiat Professional

E-Ducato, the new model from Fiat Professional.

100% Ducato. 100% Electric. 100% Fit for Mission.


Fiat Professional is delighted to introduce its best-selling Ducato to the field of electric mobility. Since its prototype was first introduced, a range of tests and measurements have been going on behind the scenes to ensure that E-Ducato is a competitive electric alternative within the van market. Despite the public health emergency, the World has experienced in 2020, the development of the new model has been able to continue, using simulation tools and virtual training. As such, E-Ducato is now ready for launch onto the market in pilot projects with selected customers. The E-Ducato is the result of a wealth of testing, measurements and modelling with the many different usage variables of our customers also being considered. It’s development required awareness of load, environmental and dynamic aspects of running a van, taking over a year of on-road testing to complete. The measurements from a customer’s perspective were taken by a team of professionals driving vehicles with combustion engines, running more than 50 million kilometers. By adopting this approach, Fiat Professional aims to offer comprehensive electric mobility solutions for all users. Combined with a full line-up of versions, the E-Ducato also offers modular options for battery size and a variety of charging configurations to best fit the users needs. The E-Ducato powertrain is restricted to 62 mph for improved energy absorption, has a maximum output of 90kW and maximum torque of 280 Nm. This new electric powertrain doesn’t penalise Ducato in areas of practicality either: load volume from 10 to 17m3¬†and payload of up to 1,900kg.
The new E-Ducato is also 100% connected, with an exclusive suite of features that cover the professional and electrification requirements of every kind of business, from individual users to those who use a fleet management system.

The next stage for E-Ducato will be specific field testing by partner customers under their normal working conditions. With these final pilot tests, the new van will be prepared for its launch on the market, due to take place in the next few months, with the opening of ordering in the main European markets being the first step. To mark the entry of Ducato into the field of electric mobility, a logo has been created as a symbolic embrace between the future and present of the iconic Ducato van.

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