The 5 year FCA warranty demonstrates our trust and confidence in the production quality of our manufacturing operations and ensures coverage for your vehicle against manufacturing defects, which will be resolved free of charge using original or reconditioned parts.

Repairs under Warranty are carried out by the Fiat Professional Official Service Centre in Pantar Road, Lija and include:

  • Repair or replacement of the faulty component
  • Manpower needed for the replacement or repair
  • Supply of consumable materials needed to carry out the repair under Warranty


Fiat Professional recommends a range of services and checks, depending on your car's mileage.

Refer to the Owner Handbook to get specific recommendations for your car.



Only those people who manufactured your car can truly maintain your car to the same high standards as the day it left the factory. That’s why Mopar® spare parts are designed to ensure reliability, comfort and performance.

Mopar® spare parts are the tangible result of commitment to research and development, of applied technologies that are ever more innovative and able to offer the quality and efficiency that the customer deserves.​​


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