Fiat Professional: The Best Partner for the Pros

Fiat Professional: The Best Partner for the Pros

  • The new Fiat Professional communication campaign is on air. The international platform focuses on the importance of turning to the expertise and reliability of vehicles designed by professionals for professionals for work in a funny, ironic way


    For launching the new communication platform which will be on air from May in major countries across the EMEA Region on TV, digital, radio and posters, Fiat Professional has chosen to go beyond the concept of testimonial to embrace an ironic style and illustrate the difference between an amateur and a professional approach through surreal and funny examples using an original tone of voice. The format of the new campaign hints to an extremely popular language which is as popular as ever on traditional TV channels and on the web alike becoming a sort of “genre 2.0” – that of comical fails. More often than not, these home videos depict clumsy blunders in simple daily activities and tasks that culminate in epic disasters with funny results.


    The new international campaign plays on the topic of contrasts by showing plausible situations which could be brilliantly solved by the vehicles of the Fiat Professional line-up and which on the contrary have cringeworthy results when attempted relying solely on improvised ingenuity and makeshift solutions. For instance, the visuals show absurd job methods with exhilarating results and objects and materials precariously loaded on unsuitable vehicles opposed to an overview of the complete range that expresses the values of the Fiat Professional brand – in short expertise, reliability, determination, dynamism and customer-centred focus.


    The nature of the different approaches is underlined by simple and effective captions – Unpro for the ham-fisted attempts and Pro like you for the effective ones. The wording is brief but capable of reasserting the importance of choosing the right support for the successful outcome of any job. This is why Fiat Professional is the best partner for professionals who demand quality vehicles and services. They can get behind the wheel of the commercial vehicle most suited to their needs by taking advantage of “made to measure” financing services and rental solutions and then benefit from the most widespread aftersales service network in Italy, with over 1800 service centres nationwide.

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