Talento Combi

The People Mover is the perfect solution for a shuttle service for passengers, Talento has a dedicated version to carry people with the utmost comfort and safety

The van’s unique versatility allows up to nine places and a load compartment of 1 m3 in short wheelbase versions and 1.8 m3 in the long wheelbase versions. With the advantage of maintaining a large cargo area, to carry everything that is needed.

The cargo compartment is accessible from the rear, with leaf doors opening at 90° or 180°. Allowing to use every centimeter of the loading compartment, from the floor up to the roof.

Talento has squared lines, implying a roomy interior and large cargo volume. Its versatility helps you choose Talento model that has the perfect combination of height, length and wheelbase for your business.

Length From 4,999 to 5,399 mm
Width 1,956 mm
Height 1,971 mm
Wheelbase From 3,098 to 3,498 mm
Length at floor level From 1,650 to 2,050 mm (5/6 pax)
From 736 to 1,336 mm (8/9 pax)
Maximum Width 1,662 mm
Width between wheel arches 1,268 mm
Height 1,369 mm
Load threshold 552 mm
Volume, VDA method From 3.2 to 4.0 m(5/6 pax)
From 1.0 to 1.8 m(8/9 pax)
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