Talento Combi

Ideal for starting off uphill with ultimate ease, even with a full load. The Hill Holder automatically blocks the vehicle for several seconds without having to press the brake pedal.

Traction improves the vehicle’s traction on the most challenging surfaces with poor grip. Under conditions of low grip from any drive wheel, the control unit detects slipping and brakes it, transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with the best grip. In this way, the vehicle’s performance is more comfortable, ensuring the best stability and handling.

The Electronic Stability Control offers you exceptional grip and stability by independently managing the braking force on the wheels when taking a curve. It prevents the wheels from skidding, minimises the risk of the vehicle skidding and guarantees perfect traction in all conditions.

Anti-lock Braking System

This is an integral part of the braking system, which prevents one or more wheels from locking and slipping regardless of the road surface conditions and braking intensity, ensuring control of the vehicle even during emergency braking.

Electronic Brake force Distribution

The electronic system, an integral part of the braking system, distributes brake force between front and rear axles to optimise efficiency in all driving situations.

Hydraulic Brake Assist

The system, integrated in the ABS, recognises emergency braking conditions according to the speed of operation of the brake pedal and guarantees additional hydraulic braking pressure to support that provided by the driver. This allows faster and more powerful operation of the braking system

Driver & Passenger Front Airbags

Safety when driving comes above all else. Talento protects the driver and passenger with front airbags designed to keep everyone safe and are activated automatically upon impact.

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